From Cherie Arnold…

Many people have been asking me … what does Sense of Agency mean? This week we launched our new company, Sense of Agency.  This idea was born from many years of going it alone as a solo entrepreneur and creative person destined to “wake up” and claim my place inside a deeper, relevant context for living and doing business.

So, rather than describing what it means … Sense of Agency … I’d rather cut to the essence of what makes us enjoy being a sense of agency.  Once we have a sense of being in our worlds, lives, relationships, health and freedom then we have, we become, a sense of agency.

So what is it that makes us so human – that makes us enjoy being – that gives us the joy of being a sense of agency?

What is JOY?

JOY. For most of us, it is so abundant we barely recognize its presence, like oxygen or sunshine, flowing waters or unconditional love.  And, of course, coupled with this great joy is a deep grief for all we think we’ve lost.

To others, it is the vital essence of all existence, our life force, the MOST essential element of life.

Within our reality, to enjoy being… is far more than a concept; it’s a statement of vibrant health and vitality, a recognition of beauty, a desire for truth, a call for freedom, a cry for peace, a beacon for love.

The desired experience to have it – moving, flowing, vibrating in our bodies motivates millions to overcome great physical hardship and pain, inequality, intolerance, ignorance and to move towards an as of yet unexpressed desire for coherency in the human condition. To enjoy being… is to celebrate life and the transformation, transcendence from one paradigm to another.

We all know this… we start our lives… simply by how we enjoy being.

To enjoy being…is a movement, not unlike how the great blue dolphins move and transmit as a collective tribe that enjoys being… expressing an infinite power source from the inside out, a self-propelling vehicle for liberation & full life expression. When this tribe of dolphins or humans become aware of what they can and do together… they become a sense of agency.  For joy, and the movement of joy into a new paradigm of energy that can only make sense of what really matters in the scope of human existence. A movement that can process and transcend even our grief.

Sense of Agency … is a voice – an alternative option for the current status quo.  Sense of Agency…is a vibration, a resonance within the counter-movement to the commoditization of our art and culture, our science & technology and most of all our humanism.

Within paradox— JOY is packaged and sold — as content, or products, or a service, but only within integrity— is it truly valued by those who receive it.  If it is devalued or misunderstood it becomes a commodity for the common people and taken for granted in the consumptive streets of our critical masses.

Ultimately, we die in form, as JOY cannot be captured by any of these circumstances.

Life must therefore be an art form and we must enjoy being… more and, deliberately encountered as a sense of agency.  Herein lie the un-abiding certainty of survival and the flourishing of a new generation of being.  Beings who… enjoy being… human … and can affect the world all together as a sense of agency.

Today we are here to declare that we remain vigilant and uncompromising in our quest to enjoy being…. thank you sense of agency, for showing us the way through the murky waters of these times, so we can enjoy being… exactly who we are and do exactly what we know we can do.

Cherie Arnold

November 11, 2014.