It’s the beginning of a New Year, 2015.

This year promises to be a collective agency moment in our personal aliveness quotient.

I LOVE this time of year because everyone feels a sense of new beginnings, strong inner sensations and a willingness to dive deep into what really matters to each of us, moving us forward into this new time. To get a glimpse, click here.

glimpse-emailHow do we START? We start by asking questions that truly matter and following the answers. It’s time to begin capturing the essence of what YOU and your life is all about and to begin living life on your own terms. Does anyone resist this?

What realities will YOU choose? This year is a new beginning unlike any other. We stand at a crossroads between worlds that we must chart a path through, determined by what really matters to each of us, delivering our gifts to the world, exposing our talents to those in whom we share a sense of agency.

I believe in transformation. I also believe we experience deep transformation through our own sense of agency. We perceive from a quantum sensory awareness out of our own volition, our ability to initiate positive action from within ourselves first, then, out into the world we live in. This is our foundation, our basis for knowing and determination. We are each other’s agency in this rich and fecund field of possibility.

I discovered agency by finding my purpose, what I am good at, and organizing my life around this gift. As New York Times journalist, David Brooks says, “Agency is not automatic”. It has to be given birth to, with pushing, effort and conscious awareness. It’s not just the confidence and drive to act. It’s having innately intelligent criteria to guide and engage action. The agency moment can happen at any time or age, or never if you choose not to go there.

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share a glimpse with you of what could really make sense for us in 2015 and beyond. These are a set of energy codes that make sense on many levels when you listen into them deeply. Use your own sense of agency to navigate what really matters to you and how you decide to engage with this essential change going on in essence.

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I’d love to hear from you, and eager to know what makes sense for you, so please share your glimpses into this new reality with me in the comments below.

Yours truly in Life Matters,