A Sense of Roger: Social Architect and Entrepreneur

roger-briggsRoger Briggs had a 30-year career in the public schools building social structures in near-zero budget environments. These included a state-class distance running program at Fairview High School that produced multiple individual and team state championships, an acclaimed advanced physics program that nurtured hundreds of young citizen-scientists, a student-run Tech Team that managed over 100 computers as well as providing web and email services to the school, and building an outstanding science department at Fairview.

Roger also served as science liaison for the Boulder Valley Schools to develop collaborative relationships within the vast scientific community in the Boulder area.  Since retiring in 2005, Roger wrote the book, Journey to Civilization: The Science of How We Got Here (2013, Collins Foundation Press), and he founded and managed the Boulder Climbing Community, a non-profit that builds partnerships with land managers and stewards climbing areas near Boulder.

Roger currently leads programming and development for the Highland Institute at the City Club. The Highland Institute’s mission is to support and promote the shift in culture and consciousness that will move humanity and all living things into a new era of prosperity on Earth.

Roger has been a passionate rock climber for over 50 years, something he regards in retrospect as a spiritual practice. Roger earned his B.A. and M.A. in Physics and Science Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder.