Our core values are our essence and provide a deeper look at Sense of Agency in action.

We empower, nurture, engage, and activate influencers, change makers, and high achievers to unlock their full potential and find resonance in their innate sense of who they are and what they are here to do.

GrowthAs a society, we need new ways of transacting. New models of business that are self-sustaining and regenerative.

As individuals, we need creative breakthroughs and the ability to access our gifts, innate wisdom, and higher levels of consciousness and innovation.

We need each other to become our highest selves. And we often need one another to activate our own sense of agency – our purest, deepest source of creative expression and the realization of our soul’s purpose.

This recognition and our desire to bring our collective wisdom and abilities in service to this call sparked us to assemble a deeply capable, diverse team of collaborators — and Sense of Agency was born.