A Sense of Bill: Chief Cybernetics Officer

bill-suttonIn Bill’s words, he is a “human being, like all beings, endowed with qualities and gifts beyond the mind’s ability to grasp.” Bill is Executive Director of the Sacred Fire Community, which was formed to bring the Medicine of Fire to the world to foster learning, growth, community, and alignment with the sacred natural world.

As founder and owner of Living Magic, Bill provides shamanic cybernetics, online virtualization, and navigating/surviving the information revolution. He develops web applications and provides consulting with an eye toward aligning the relationship with the people, beings, and forces that compose this world.

Bill’s consulting expertise is both organizational – helping clients understand their processes and how systematizing them affects everything from organizational dynamics to client relationships to soul alienation (what he calls “shamanic cybernetics”) and growth-oriented — facilitating the release of people’s internal blockages and unresolved issues that can sabotage a group endeavor.

Bill founded and was the president of Jump Media/eVolution Technologies, which pioneered cutting edge web site development and online business applications out of Montreal, Canada. As co-founder and CIO of BuyGroup.com, Bill developed vision and system architecture for bringing the power of buying groups to small businesses through the web.

Bill studied Music (piano performance) at Rhodes College and earned a B.A. in Buddhist Studies and Eastern-Western Psychology at Naropa University.