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For several years, I’ve had the unique opportunity of working on numerous projects with Cherie Arnold… and in every case, she has provided insight, expertise, and perspective that enabled the projects to move forward with unexpected speed and accuracy. She somehow has the ability to see things that others cannot see, and this leads to breakthroughs and transformations that otherwise would not have been possible.
Martin Howey, Founder and CEO of TopLine Business Solutions
Through a combination of asking insightful questions and simplifying the complex, Nils has helped me to navigate through tough situations time and again.  His creativity and insight consistently provide me with clarity, focus and a distinctive perspective.
Jonathan Wright, Neurosurgical Device Consultant
Gene is truly an amazing person to work with. His ability to deeply grasp the essence of a company, delve into the heart of its founding ideals and then polish it all into a beautiful representation for the brand is nothing short of masterful. Gene is one of the greatest talents I’ve had the honor of working with, and any client he chooses to work with quickly realize how fortunate they are.
James Lee, Nova Stellarum
Cherie helped me solve a difficult business decision in under one hour. She quickly heard and understood the situation. I left feeling light-hearted and empowered. If you get the chance to work with Cherie, take it!
Karol Avalon, Associate Producer at AfterlifeConference
Susan gets the way I think and understands that I’m going to change my mind several times when we’re working on a project. I say WE because she runs the whole back of the boat, from auto-responders and sales pages to customer service and maintaining my membership program. All I have to do is create the content and show up to do my best work.
Ruth Davis, Mac2School
Gene is a fantastic designer with an eye for what “pops” in the consumer marketplace. He has developed new packaging designs and has worked on brand positioning for several clients of the Boulder Innovation Center. Gene is a delight to work with and I highly recommend him for outstanding design and branding work.
Lisa Bell, Entrepreneurial Business Consultant
Glenn is one of the best connectors of people I have ever met. Whenever I need to connect to someone or some company that can help me and my business grow and I find myself at a dead end, I call Glenn. 

His uncanny ability to find the right person that has the exact solutions I need to succeed is truly a marvel.
Randall Blaum, Ocean Honda
Nils’ entrepreneurial insight and solid instincts have been a great asset to the success of my ongoing and start-up businesses.  He has the ability to maintain focus on the long view while handling the pragmatic, day to day challenges of business to generate tangible results.
Bert Sckerl, Financial Advisor, Investor, and Entrepreneur
Gene brings to his projects and clients a wealth of experience, marketing expertise, and design talent which is rare in today’s marketplace. Each 
project is extremely well-researched, brilliantly conceived, and masterfully 
executed. If you need marketing expertise either on the print or web side, 
hire Gene with the knowledge that his efforts will elevate your marketing to the next level.
Jim Henely, Fresh off the Press